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Customer partnerships
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QA&S is a woman-owned  small consulting business providing
analytical assessments and audits  and strategic planning to
businesses and governments.

Our staff is highly experienced in analyzing business processes
and IT implementations.  We provide solutions that improve
business processes and systems of internal controls.  We have
accomplished these results through our unique approach in
conducting our projects and partnering with our customers. Our
solutions have enabled our customers to improve their success
and at the same time comply with applicable laws and standards.

The QA&S team obtained their expertise through assessing
government, business, and not-for profit organizations'
processes, controls, and operations. In addition the QA&S team
maintains professional certifications - CPA, CITP, CISA,

We also like to partner with other CPA or consulting firms to
provide our expertise in performing security, efficiency, internal
controls assessments, and financial evaluations, and audits.  
One of our partners is
Leon Snead & Company, P.C.  
In business since 2005 with 20 years of previous experience
Contact us by
(720) 936-6399 or
(720) 984-9733
or faxing:
(303) 989-3292 or
(303) 988-2185
Providing solutions for improving  success.